Star of Death

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Star of Death
Star of Death
Star of Death
Star of Death

Please review policies before purchases.

Size choices are as follows

Please refer to our seamstress work in the group using #RPToileWars #RPWarRounds

58" - Perfect for adult dresses, leggings, tops, skirts, etc

48" - Also good for all of the above in adult sizes, with a little less length, as well as teens, young adults, etc

36" - perfect for large bags, kids items

24" - great for 6t under 



***Some round panels use high resolution photography***

Please note that these images may lose some crispness as they are blown into larger size rounds or panels. We do our best to help maintain the imagery by adjusting aperture and speed with the photography process but cannot guarantee the image be 100% crisp. Also due to the nature of these prints, the roundness is an approximate measure. With this new style printing process, the files are sent 100% round but due to the nature of the machine that pull the prints thru the machine, the panels may become imperfect at times causing some irregularities in the shape of the circle panel. The round panels can vary by 2-6” on either axis. This is not a flaw and will not be treated as such. 


Panel sizes may vary pending size up to 5-6” (larger panels) and 2-3” on smaller panels.

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