Piano Round

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Piano Round
Piano Round

**Slightly different than pictured. There are three rings of piano keys.**

Panels are available in:
Cotton Lycra 95/5 ; Bamboo Lycra 95/5; Cotton Woven LW 100%

Size choices are as follows
Please refer to our seamstress work in the group using #FunRounds and #RoundAbout
58" - Perfect for adult dresses, leggings, tops, skirts, etc
48" - Also good for all of the above in adult sizes, with a little less length, as well as teens, young adults, etc
36" - perfect for large bags, kids items
24" - great for toddler sizes or peplums. 

The entire design will be printed as the size you choose and cut 1 by 1. This is not continuous due to the nature of the design - these are large round panels.

***Some panels may not be 100% round as per printing this is hard to control, we try to keep the ratio within a few inches pending panel size. The larger the panel, the great the inch difference may be if distortion due to pulling occurs. Up to 6" is within our normal boundaries. We have found that once washed and dried, this tends to reshape the panel a bit back to a "circle" vs somewhat enlongated but is not guaranteed.


Panel sizes may vary pending size up to 5-6” (larger panels) and 2-3” on smaller panels.