Doll Wardrobe Packs

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Doll Wardrobe Packs
Doll Wardrobe Packs

PFRE of panels will have at minimal, 10 small panels (12 inch rounds or 11"x19" rectangles) from our round designs. Prints will be include from the Bellisimo Mundo round, Holiday rounds, and the not yet listed Fun rounds! These panels are perfect for doll clothing for the 18" dolls (and some 11" dolls)!! Especially, a circle skirt and peplum pattern we made just to fit them!


*Your purchase will include a free download of the Doll Wardrobe collection including a circle skirt, swing dress, joggers, leggings, bubble sleeve shirt, raglan sleeve options, panties, and a diaper for the little kids who always need a diaper!


Other great uses for these panels are socks, panties, wallets, key chains, small boggin top hats etc.



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